Folding MopedWhat do you do?

We provide a driver to drive you in your own car. This can be for a one-way jouney, or by the hour or day. Your car will often be more convenient, comfortable and cheaper than a taxi or chauffeur car.

Our typical one way journey would be to drive you home from somewhere there is a temptation to drink and drive. We cover sports events, weddings and award dinners as well as parties and restaurants. This gives you the convenience of using your own car, with a professional driver to drive you home safely at the right time. We get to you using folding scooters or folding bicycles (with public transport), these fit in the boot of your car, in sealed bags. This allows us to offer an effective one way service. If your car can't accomodate a bike we will come up with an alternative.

Our by the hour service can be used to remove the hassle of traffic to and from the event, navigating and parking. This leaves you free to relax, socialise or work as you please. 


What areas do you cover?

We are ideally placed to drive you in West London, Surrey and Berkshire. Also for any journeys passing through that area. See our map for more details. We are always happy to discuss trips completely outside these areas and may well be able to accommodate you or recommend an alternative.

When do you work?

We carry out journeys at any time.  Contact us  during our office opening hours, 9 am to 9 pm 7 days a week for a quote or to ask any questions. You can make bookings as far in advance as you wish. We strongly recommend that you book us in advance, especially for Friday and Saturday evenings when we are busiest.

How much does it cost?

From as little as £25 for up to 5 miles, or £20 per hour for time based engagements. See How Much? for more detail.

How far will you go?

Distance no object. We have driven people between West London, Surrey and Berkshire, our local area; and Dorset, Norfolk and Scotland to give just three examples.


Who will be driving me?

We realise the trust you put in us, asking us to drive you in your own car. You will always know in advance the name of your driver and we can arrange to meet you at your venue, allowing you to avoid walking back to a car unaccompanied. We select drivers for their personality as well as their driving skills. The drivers are CRB checked and individually vetted by our insurance company and named on our insurance policy. In addition they typically have a current DVLA Group 2 medical certificate as required for lorry, coach and taxi license holders.


What about insurance?

I Drive Your Car has comprehensive insurance for any vehicle. This insurance also covers the “hire and reward” nature of the service we provide.

If a friend thinks they can drive your car on their own insurance, be careful. Many policies no longer provide this cover and if it is included it is very likely to be Third Party only. Also if you pay anyone else to drive you in your car this counts as driving for “hire and reward” and requires specialist insurance of the type that I Drive Your Car has.

Is my car suitable?

It must have enough seats for our driver and you and your passengers, and luggage space to stow a folding moped or bicycle enclosed in a bag. Length 78 cm (30.7"), Width 37 cm (14.5"), Height 61 cm (24").   It must be road legal and be permanently insured (our insurance starts when we take the keys from you and ends when we return them). If these things are not true we will need to discuss them with you before accepting your booking.

Other than that we are very flexible. We have experience with classic cars, brand new vehicles, manuals, automatics, left hand drive, vans and trailers.



What about corporate work?


We are happy to provide a suited driver or dress according to your wishes. We can provide itemised quotes and receipts and can by prior arrangement invoice after the engagement. If you have a suitable vehicle we can offer an effective alternative to other meet and greet or same day courier services.



I’ve still got questions…


No problem, get in touch via email to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or phone 07806 374837 and we will be happy to help.